4 11 2009

My jaw is soar as I cram a third piece of Bubble Yum in my already over crammed mouth.  The sugar is slow fading away along with the taste oh… in the 10 seconds after I first start chewing.  The gum is now a pink gob of magnificent possibilities.  I stick out my tongue and begin to slowly build a little pink bubble and then I exhale at a calm pace.  The pink gum balloon begins to grow and my eyes get bigger.  I get in a defense stance ready to fend off possible attacks by others eager to pop my trophy.  Now the bubble is the size of my head, and then just then…the entire thing is all over my face deflated like my moment of temporary glory.  I continue picking every sticky bit off my face.  Ahh the days of blowing bubbles with bubble gum.  Wait what am I saying, I just did this last week. 

Not me but close.

Now for a bit of instruction.  Chewing gum and bubble gum are two different things.  All pros use Bubble Gum to blow bubbles.  The reason, quantity and elasticity.  The key to blowing an amazing bubble is two or three pieces of gum.  The hidden secret is to wash your gum.  Yes I said wash your gum.  I had a teacher in 5th grade, and her husband worked for Bazooka Gum.  She explained you had to chew out all the sugar or wash it in water with your hands.  Sugars are in tiny crystal form within bubble gum, and they burst your bubble, literally.  The other key is to make sure you use your tongue properly as shown below.

Now as for some of my favorites, I would have to say I miss Hubba Bubba.  Then there is my all time favorite Bubblicious Cherry Cola.  I really wish it would come back.  Bubble Yum came out with grape which became a close second to bubble gum original flavor and Cherry Cola.  Litte known fact about the why the pink one is called original flavor? Walter Diemer invented gum on accident and when he started to sell the gum he only had a pink color die and one flavor to work with.  The real “original” as we call it today was tootie-fruitie.

There are also other ways to package gum as we all know.  On warm summers I almost always had a pack of Big League Chew in my back pocket.  Any kid who played baseball remembers finishing a pack in one inning.   Or there was the excitement of opening a pack of baseball cards not only waiting to see if you got a rookie card, but that single moment as you peel back the waxy wrapper to reveal, stiff, stale, white powder dusted pink gum broken into bits.  

Anyone out there remember getting bubble gum cigars?  I sure do, and I loved them purely because of how much gum was in one wrapper.  It seemed as I grew up gum kept evolving into new ways for me to ingest sugar and blow out my jaw.  For blowing bubbles my personal choice is Bubble Tape, you know, its six feet of bubble gum for you not them.  The best part is you can control the exact mount, which I have down to a science, for the perfect bubble.

The next best thing to gum by itself was Bubble Gum ice cream at Baskin Robins.  I use to get a dixie cup and spit each piece out so that I could chew it later.  I think over time you came to realize you had ice cold hard bits of gum that amounted to only 1/10 a stick of gum, but its the journey not the destination right?  I also loved Bubble Play, I would say that was one of my favorite ice cream bars to get from the Ice Cream man.

No matter how old you are you are never too old to blow a big bubble.  Go out and grab your favorite flavor, have at it and send me some pictures at  I will post the best picture and you will receive a worth while prize.  Be on the look out for fun new gum, I mean who knew there was bologna gum or sculptures made of gum.  Oh yeah and be a Bubble Maker in life not a Bubble Popper.  Enjoyed this post? Please help to spread the word by clicking the orange plus below to share the post, and please click word “comments” below to leave your comment.



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