CRAYON 7: Dress Up for Halloween

30 10 2009

Let me take you back to Halloweens of yesterday.  Remember dressing up as a kid for Halloween?  I remember planning out everything from what I was going to be, to how realistic I could make the costume.  He-Man was one of my favorite cosutmes I can remember, the plastic muscles and a cheesy plastic mask complete with elastic band in the back.  For some reason I remember how hard it was to breath under that mask.  Even at a young age I had a problem with how real a costume looked.  I told my mom, that I didn’t like that my hair was showing in the back, which didn’t match He-Man neon yellow plastic hair.  Don’t even get me started on how I fought my Mom on why He-Man would never wear a puffy warm jacket. 

Fast forward to toady and now as an adult when I do a costume I still choose to go all out.  I want my costumes to look like they walked right off a movie set or jumped straight out of a comic book.  My friend George and I started to purchase foam latex and Hollywood makeup kits to create some of our most recent costumes.  When I say Hollywood, I mean 2 hours working on the application of the prosthetic, gluing the piece to my face, powdering, layers of color makeup, wigs, and buckets of elbow grease.  Our first attempt was the Geico Cavemen and when I looked at myself in the mirror I was as excited as I was to put on my He-Man costume in the 80’s.

When I described the process I brought up glue.  This glue is very serious stuff, so serious in fact that it takes a chemical to remove it or else skin is coming with it.  I have always had a passion for movies and I guess this was a way for me to live out a fantasy of working on movie sets for Stan Winston. 

In years past I was Captain Jack Sparrow, and last year a group of us went as Alvin and The Chipmunks.  When we put these costumes on we didn’t just wear them we played the part.  Halloween is a time where we can truly let go and be someone else.  Its never to late to figure out a costume, go out and play dress up.  Even if you aren’t going out dress up and hand out candy at the door.

Get creative, go fish through some old clothes and see what you can come up with.  The key is to pick someone or something that you have a passion for.  When you dress up choose someone or something that you have an interest in.  It is that much easier to put time, energy and creativity into making it happen when you have a passion for the idea.  

In my case, one year I was invited to go to an extra Hallowen party.   I happen to love the Muppets, so last minute I pulled together a doctors jacket, clown shoes, Harry Potter glasses, some makeup, and hair die.  The result, in this random concoction of items, turned myself and my friend Ryan into the Muppets Beaker and Bunson.  My friend Molly chose to get really creative and went as Roz from Pixar’s Monsters Inc.

The other key rule is that there are no rules.  Your costume can be funny, cheesy, cheap, expensive or clever.  I recommend not just buying one off the rack but that is better than nothing.  You could  buy one off the rack and then add to it or tweak the costume to make it even better.  Ill post my surprise costume as a post after Halloween, the hint is “Where?” Below are some fun tasty Halloween treats in the form of costumes.  Hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween/Trick or Treating.

No caption needed above.

Who ever this kids parents are are children of the 80s and brilliant.


I posted these masks because I love the design, packaging, and retro goodyness.

The pink is strong with this one.

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2 responses

31 10 2009

I wish they still sold those cheesy plastic masked costumes from the 70s and 80s. They really should look into doing retro versions of all of them. I had a Smurf costume and a Rainbow Bright version.

I have to also let you know your blog is pretty unique and fun. I have to say though not everyone can be a kid at heart in life and work. Its just not who they are. Although Im trying, I still think some people just will never see life that way.


8 11 2009

I think more people need to dress up and let you. Where and how did some adults stop having fun? I started to dress up more for Halloween as my favorite characters from the past and present.

Nothing brings me back more. Well done with the blog bringing a smile to my face at work. Cant wait to see whats next!


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