CRAYON 6: Play with Your Food

28 10 2009

I use to play with my food and if I remember correctly it was not frowned upon. As long as I ate it I was free to build forts out of mashed potatoes and make faces out of breakfast bacon and eggs. Now I never really got into full face dives with piggy oinks, like that of the Randy in Christmas Story.

I did however, use to take flower and water and mix it in bowls pretending I was a chef and loved it.  I used food coloring, fake spices, and even dog treats for color.  I didn’t eat it I just had fun with it.  Play-doh was originally homemade flour,water and salt with food coloring right?  Why not get creative again with food for both play, eating, and presentation?   Playing with your food can be more than a way to delay eating food that you would rather not taste.  I urge you to play with your food. You can have a Souper hero spoon, a face to decorate, make sculptures, turn a boring hotdog into redneck octo-sushi.

You can play tic-tactoe on toast and more.  

Sometimes the food you play with might not even be edible…Bacon band-aides anyone?  

Next time you sit at the table or want to make dinner a bit more interesting, drop the salt and pepper and play with your food.  If you get to sling gooey rainbows of culinary slop at everyone at the table, like in the movie hook, Bangeranggg to you!

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One response

29 10 2009

I was in Galena, IL today and saw the bulldozer fork at one of the boutiques. They had a bunch of the Fred stuff too. Pretty cool stuff.

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