CRARAONY: lssjkdf sfjldslkjf

25 10 2009


Still to this day if I watch someone set up to bake, I get excited. I begin to watch and wait as impatiently as a dog waiting for dinner. I might pace, or find a reason to pass the baking area as many times as possible with out giving my master mind plan away.

Now many people are waiting for something warm, soft or gooey and most likely chocolaty to come out of the oven. Not me, no sir & no mam, I am waiting for that magic moment when all ingredients have come together, the mixer tilts back and there is my moment of culinary bliss. Waiting on cold hard duel whisks in all its sugary glory is the batter.

Now if there are others around, you might have to barter to get one of the whisks. When I was a kid my sister and I would have a NATO like conference to decide who got which whisk, a very important task. But once they are pulled from the mixer and handed over to you they become a batter lolli pop. Now that you have one in your hands you will have to exercise your tongue, in ways worthy of an Olympic category, to extract the nectar of batter.

Oh wow is it worth it though, because between chocolate cake batter or cookie dough I am not sure if any baked cookie or cake can match that moment of zen. Go ahead make an excuse to bake and if you have the whisks enjoy and better yet share or fight over them with others. If you don’t have a whisk I highly recommend a spatula, easy to lick and just as fun. Note to others: Do not try to eat the spatula even though it has a nice texture under the batter. If you get a chance check out the BatterFinger from WorldWideFred (I take no responsibility for tongues harmed or caught in mixers.) Enjoy.



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