CRAYON 2: Build a Fort or Tent!

20 10 2009
So I had 3 chairs, 1 table, about 5 bedroom linen sheets, maybe a sleeping bag or two, and a flashlight.   What I really had was a wagon covered river raft just like in the game Oregon Trail.  With a friend, we sailed the high seas, braved the Amazon and Congo, floated through monster infested waters that occasionally turned into molten lava.  We even managed to wire a TV with a VHS to watch Labyrinth or Goonies on the tented raft  Top it all off with junk food, soda pop, and pixie stix and it was bliss.  

Some how we were able to sleep in the tent, interrupted only by the occasional collapsing of the tent in the middle of the night, which was just the monster “Three Horn” playing tricks on us.  So I challenge you as an adult or parent to build a tent in doors out of sheets and other found objects, watch a movie and bring the junk food.  Oh yeah and flashlights are an effective way to scare off “Three Horn.”  Trust me.    

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